Kim's Motorcycle Parts.
Parts for American made motorcycles.
107 cubic inch,  127 Horsepower,  119 foot pounds of torque,  145 Miles per hour.  
"Greg Rolfe"
95" Twin Cam with S&S super G 
"Made by Kim Vermillon"
"Greg Rolfe"
The top photo is a S&S super G carburetor that i added two thunder jets to and made the adaptor to draw fuel from the float bowl fitting.
The second photo is a 1974 Ironhead Sportster that my friend Greg Rolfe and I raced for years best e.t. 10.94 and 116 mph.
The third photo is a aluminum cross i made for my wifes Christmas present.
The fourth photo is a custom drag bike that my friend Greg Rolfe and I raced for a few years best e.t. 9.53 and 145 mph.